Monday, September 14, 2009

Trip to Florida, September 2009

We seemed to be in Florida forever this time around, even though it was Thursday night to Tuesday afternoon. We managed to get a lot of good times in, but it sure messed us up the following week trying to get the days straight!

At the airport, we had some Villa Pizza and some pretzels. They were out of pepperoni, so I had tomato and bacon pizza... interesting. Leaving Philly, our plane took off 70 minutes late, but arrived just 10-15 minutes late, so no big worries there. Joe and DJ picked us up, and we all met Bryan at Chili's. We had a fantastic server, and gave her a big tip. I can't remember her name, otherwise I'd recommend her.

On Friday, Jonathan headed up to eat lunch with his buddies at the Cape, while Tori and I went shopping at the mall, Home Depot, and Lowe's. We both bought surprisingly little, but since she was searching primarily for a swimsuit and I was after shorts, I guess it's not bad that she got a shirt and I bought a skirt. We had lunch at a Nathan's/Kenny Rogers Roasters - her hot dog was hard on the outside, and I wasn't in love with my chicken tenders. That night six of us went to Thai Thai II on Beachside, only to be treated like dirt (in the past we've had top-notch service at all three of the local Thai Thai restaurants). We waited for more than half an hour as other patrons came after us and were seated before us. We were finally offered a plastic picnic table that they would drag inside for us to sit in the foyer of the restaurant, and when questioned about their choices, they gave us the run-around. We left, and headed over to Siam Orchid. It was okay, not the best... but we didn't have our favorite server, and the place was getting ready to close. We also had to switch tables, but I won't get into that.

Saturday morning was some errands, then Jonathan's parents stopped by on their way home form Orlando. We all headed over to Joe's, as he had gotten his car stuck in a strange predicament. After that was solved, eight of us went to have lunch at Asian Gourmet, a Vietnamese place. They have a Pho Sate you can order on a scale of 1-10... Bryan advised us not to order anything above 3, and he likes the 2. We both ordered the 2 and weren't impressed. It wasn't that spicy, plus the flavoring was strange. Plus the price was pretty high for pho. After that we split up and did our own things for a bit. We decided to smoke some meat for dinner, and despite the rain had that going pretty well. We did two porks and a top round. BK drove up from Vero so there were seven of us for dinner. After dinner we went bowling, since a guiness world record was in the midst of being broken that day - for most bowlers on a single day or something. We all had coupons for one free game each, and we all bought two more and bowled straight through the midnight closing. It was a good time... although I must say that my first frame strike was not a clear indication of a good game, LoL. Instead, I never broke 75 in three games - blah. Jonathan did get a turkey tho, and that was awesome. After bowling we went to Denny's for their late-night special. DJ and I split a Grand Slam, Joe and Bryan split a Sum41wich and a slice of carrot cake, Ebad had the steak sandwich, BK had an omelet, and JB went with his usual - The Unstoppable Breakfast.

Sunday started off with a few errands, then down to Fort Pierce. We were able to see the new fence at Jonathan's parents' house and visit with some of his family. Around 6 we headed back up to Melbourne, and got the grill going for some sausages. We had a great dinner, and spent the evening just hanging out with the usual crowd and a few of our neighbors (Damian, Lis, Eddie, and Eddie's girlfriend, Judith). Then, it was off to Tallahassee on Monday morning for the game! (That'll be a different post.)

Tuesday we drove back from Tally, stopped for Arby's and to buy some Tony's from Publix, and pretty much went to the airport with Joe. We were able to grab some Qdoba at the airport (YAY!!!!), and our flight was very good (we even got exit row so there was tons of legroom).

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