Sunday, September 6, 2009

LA Fitness

Apparently the fact that we belong to gyms entertains people. I never saw this coming, but since both of us sometimes tweet about heading there (and I sometimes do tweets about running accomplishments), I've been asked where we joined this time. And I guess it makes sense to post about it, since I did in California.

We toured two gyms and checked out websites on three more before deciding on the local LA Fitness as our gym while living here. The Newtown Athletic Center was the runner-up, and while they have a fantastic facility and great classes (including adult dance classes!), the price is driven up because of how many free things they have for kids (like childcare! even if you're not at the gym!). LA Fitness also has five racquetball courts, which is a big plus for Jonathan.

LA Fitness is very institutional in that it's really just one gigantic room with all the machines in it, as opposed to a weights room, a cardio room, etc. The treadmills are very close together (practically touching), and the locker rooms are pretty nice. However, they don't seem to enforce a towel policy, so not all of the machines are wiped down on a regular basis. They do have hand sanitizers and spray bottles for clients to wipe down machines, but they're not always used, either. There are a lot of televisions, but the audios are all tuned to EVEN NUMBERED frequencies (like 94.8), which makes no sense. I have been messing around with it, but have yet to get any of them to work.

There are many more weights choices than at our California gym, but they're lacking an arms machine I enjoyed out there (as well as our Florida gym, which I may post about sometime if there's a lull in activity), and a calves press which I've only ever seen at the FL gym. There's also only two stretcher-things, but there were none in Cali, so I should be glad to have them back at all. Jonathan's joined two racquetball leagues/tournaments, so he'll be busy getting adjusted to new courts and styles.

We signed up for a month-to-month contract, and caught a deal on sign-up fees for only choosing the one location instead of the option that allows you to go to other LA Fitnesses across the country. We also both get a free training session, but we haven't cashed in on those yet (we never did use our free training sessions in Cali). We've been going at a few different times to figure out the ideal time to go, but it seems to vary day-to-day (particularly Mondays and Wednesdays have quite different turnouts). I'm sure it'll get more crowded over the next two months as well, since many outside-runners and such will be turning toward the gym for a warmer option, LoL.

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