Friday, September 18, 2009

Hot Tub Party & Nino's Pizzarama

Dani, a girl that Jonathan and I went to middle school with (and I later knew in college) lives not far from us. She invited us to an event in Horsham that certainly seemed intriguing, so we stopped by for a short bit on a Friday night. We were coming from Costco, so we couldn't stay long (groceries in the car).

The event itself was kinda like a music show. A local band, Electric Yellow, was performing. But not at a typical performance venue... they were using a hot tub store, Paradise Living. And several of the hot tubs were running. And, in true Pennsylvania style, it was BYOB. It was raining out, and we arrived about 9:35 (event began at 8:30). It was a $5 donation, but we chose not to give, since I was unable to find out much about the band ahead of time as their website was down. Since it was raining outside, nobody really felt like going into the hot tubs, but there were probably about twenty people there, waiting for the band to begin. They started playing about ten minutes later, and I would say that they are very Phish-like, in that it's mostly a "jam" feel, going along at a very ebb-and-flow rate. We didn't stay long, but it was still a very interesting concept of a party.

We stopped for a late/second dinner at Nino's Pizzarama, down the street. Jonathan had a slice of pepperoni, I had a slice of white pie (ricotta instead of marinara) with tomatoes, and we shared 4 garlic knots and a root beer. The pizza was delicious, and I was beyond thrilled at the pizza... truly brings me back to the pizza I had as a young girl. The garlic knots were good (4 for $1.35), too. The root beer is bottled and distributed nearby, with a Nino's label! Delicious, and very little carbonation. We'll remember this place, and likely return. The menu is quite large, but it is a drive!

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