Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The FSU-BYU Game

We decided to go watch the game with the Seminole Club of Philadelphia. We drove about 35 minutes to get to Champps down in South Philly. It was a particularly busy day in sports, since there were other football games going on, plus a boxing match and a UFC thing.

We got there about 6:40 (7pm kickoff), and were led to a room set aside for the Seminole Club. cool. We met a few of the folks, then grabbed a table. We were very close to a couple of screens, so we were able to catch all of the big plays without anyone jumping or cheering in front of us. We had waters since we couldn't find anything to tell us if it was a "coke" or a "pepsi" place. Appetizers were half-off, which was handy. We ordered the Loaded Chips, which were huge and delicious. Fresh potato chips (slightly burnt, yum) with pepperjack, cheddar, and mozarella... with an asiago cream sauce... topped with smoked bacon, green onions, and sour cream. SOOOOOO good. We also had an order of chicken tenders (good honey mustard, the chicken tenders were average, and I would have been angry if I had paid full price).

We stayed for the entire (remarkable) game, and found out that the place began charging $15 at some point for people to come in, since the fight was on. Luckily, the FSU shirt allowed you to get in and out, haha.

It was great to watch the (amazing!) game with other fans, and there's a good possibility we'll be back. We spoke with the President and the Treasurer, but no real information was ever really given as to what the dues go toward and the benefits of joining vs. hanging with. I know someone from ResLife at FSU who went to this event, and the people at the table next to us were very friendly as well.

When we headed out, there were some issues getting away from that part of town (firetrucks and ambulances and the like), but once we were on the highway, Jonathan decided he was still kinda hungry. So we stopped for Chinese at a little place called China Moon, on Frankford Ave, I believe. He loved the egg drop soup, and thought the crab rangoon was pretty okay.

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