Monday, September 28, 2009

Andrew's Last Night in PA

We know a lot of people who move frequently. No surprise, since many of them are in the same program that Jonathan is in. I went to Andrew's going-away from California, and now we're seeing him off from here, too.

The night started with dinner at Applebee's in Newtown. We had a little trouble finding the place, but luckily it wasn't very busy. It was just JB, Andrew, Rob, and myself, so we got a booth near the bar. Scott, our server, was pretty fun. Nothing super-notable about the meal.

From there it was on to Shady Brook Farm for some ice cream from Uncle Dave's. I tried the Peachy Paterno (bleh), but went with the chocolate dirt (my favorite). Rob had Billionaire Chocolate (dirt without the cookies), and Jonathan and Andrew had the pumpkin (quite good, I've had it before). But after that is when the fun really began...

The surplus of "seasonal" activities up here is very exciting. I am in love with it (the idea). So, that night was the first night of the Corn Maze at The Farm School at Snipes, about seven miles from our place. And the idea intrigued me. The "bring your own flashlight and do the maze in the dark" intrigued Jonathan, and Andrew was cool with the uniqueness of the whole thing. We got there and the place was pretty dark. After following some signs we stumbled upon a barn where they press apples and bottle cider daily. We ended up being the very first people to attempt the maze for the season! This year's theme was Spaceship Earth. We received a couple pages of activities to complete while going through the maze. There were "rubbings" of the images to do and words to write down from science facts.

There were four sections (orange, blue, white, yellow), marked by colored plastic tape, that you traveled through... plus nine "word" stations, nine "picture" stations, and four "map" stations. We started out all together, but then split into two groups after a while, running into eachother twice along the way. Jonathan and I hit 6 of the word stations and two of the image stations, but all four of the maps. Andrew and Rob found four or five image stations, but less word stations. I would have liked to find all of the stations, but we had spent 53 minutes in the maze when we found the exit, and I was afraid that if we went back in it would be another hour before we found an exit again (there's one way in and one way out, but you can start in either direction). Andrew and Rob got out about eight minutes before we did, and also hit the mud, uneven ground, and standing puddles that we found. All in all, it was pretty fun, and I'd be game for trying other corn mazes in the area (there are several), but perhaps daytime would be better, LoL.

From there we went over to The Green Parrot for a bit. We caught the end of the Phillies game and part of the Boise State-Fresno State game as well. Andrew had to be up at 5am, so we called it a night around 11.

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