Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tyler State Park & the Library

It's really starting to seem that Florida is the only state that's even trying to charge for state parks anymore. Jonathan and I went exploring at the nearby Tyler State Park last weekend, and found out the place is huge! We drove through a good chunk of it, located the disc (aka frisbee) golf course (27 holes here!!), the canoe rentals, and the dam, among other things.

We discovered that not only do they have horseback riding, biking, and hiking trails (and cross-country skiing in winter), there's also fishing (and ice fishing in the winter), soccer, a couple playgrounds, and a lot of open space (which we found out later was for winter sledding). There's even an area for ice skating, although the depth of the ice is not monitored.We walked a couple trails, including the somewhat-overgrown exercise circuit. There were many people there, lots of dogs, and even two of my colleagues from graduate school! Small world (but we're finding that quite a bit up here, since we ran into a friend of Andrew's at the grocery store two days after meeting him!).

It was rather beastly hot, so we didn't stay at the park too terribly long. We headed for a little air conditioning by popping over to the local library and getting our cards (which was rather tricky, as we didn't have any of the "required" documents and just got a note from our complex instead, LoL). The library five minutes away is nearly half-full with children's books, so we'll probably check out the one fifteen minutes away next time.

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