Thursday, August 6, 2009

Roadtrip to PA

Kyla and I left Wednesday morning, with the intent to do the trip in two days. 7:30am was the scheduled departure, but I was okay with the 7:47 we pulled out with. The Corolla was loaded, the cooler was packed, the CDs were ready. Off we went!

In St. Augustine, we stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We both got Momma's Pancake Breakfast (I hardly ever get anything other than a Kid's Breakfast at that place, but apparently I was hungry!) - I had the apple topping and she had maple syrup. Both were delicious. Then, Kyla drove 60 miles or so, until we reached the Georgia Welcome Center.

Georgia came and went, as did South Carolina. We did take a detour for a bit to have a picnic lunch at Colleton State Park. The sprinkling then turned into a downpour, and I became concerned about the muddy ground where we were parked... in a fairly deserted area. So, we packed up after 15 minutes of rain or so, and dashed back to the car. We took off and proceeded to drive through the rain for a very, very long time. We stopped for the whole South of the Border thing. Since it had been storming, there was absolutely nobody there. In fact, many of the attractions (like the amusement park rides) were closed. We drove through the thing and looked at the various animal statues, walked through three of the souvenir shops, and then were on our way.

When we reached North Carolina, it was after 5pm so the Welcome Center was closed. We reached Fayetteville and stayed the night at a Quality Inn there. DJ hooked us up with a discount, and the free internet was a great perk. We grabbed a couple p'zones from the nearby Pizza Hut and watched some TV. I had the pepperoni, Kyla had the meaty... both were good.

Hotel breakfast was a little plain, so we stopped near Raleigh for a quick Burger King breakfast. Onward came Virginia, and lots of free nuts. Too bad neither Kyla nor myself are fans, so we both had some "spicy trail mix" (which was more of a spicy chex mix). Problem was, apparently you couldn't buy the stuff in the store - you could mail-order it. We stopped at Pohick Bay Regional Park near Alexandria for another picnic. This park was gigantic, despite its "regional" distinction. It had a marina and even a small water park! There were also numerous picnic tables, but all of the pavilions were taken. We had to move a few times to find a non-spidery table, but we enjoyed the park. It was especially interesting to see how many workers drove through the various areas!We hit rain shortly after leaving the park (nowhere near as bad as the previous day!), and it continued pretty much through Washington, DC, Maryland, and Delaware. So between the weather and the heavy traffic, we didn't stop until we reached our destination (this time in Bensalem, PA). I was a little astounded that Maryland and Delaware totaled $11 in tolls, when the states aren't that big.

We were tuckered out, and after dinner I pretty much fell asleep.

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