Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Langhorne Presbyterian Church

We tried out an 11am contemporary service at a church about ten minutes away, Langhorne Presbyterian. There were no youth in attendance, which was rather peculiar. But what really stands out is the fact that we have, once again, hit an atypical service. We seem to have a knack for visiting churches when they have guest pastors, laity Sunday, special mission sermons, brand new pastors, first service after a schism, etc.

This time, there was a visiting guest from Brazil, who came to tell the story of his 14-year old church there. He spoke only Portuguese, and the regular pastor's wife translated for him. What really stood out to me was the concept that the locals in his area do not know that the Bible stories are true, since illiteracy means that all stories (fables, nursery rhymes, history, etc.) are treated with the same regard.

The regular pastor gave a short message toward the end of the 90-minute service. Neither of us cared for the worship music style, and although the people were very-but-not-overly friendly, if we go back it'll be for a traditional service.

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