Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Last Night in San Francisco

You probably want to hear about PA. Well, I have 3 more posts about CA first, but hopefully we'll get to the PA stuff by the end of the week. We're here though, so take comfort in knowing we've arrived safely. Now, on to the end of San Francisco...

Jonathan is a big fan of Evernote. It's a program similar to Google Notebook, where you can make notes to yourself and such. BUT, it recognizes words in images and handwriting, making searching for stuff easier. Anyway, Evernote was having a party, and invited its users, so we went. Before the party, we stopped for dinner in the city. It was a nice night, and I got a decent picture of City Hall. Jonathan had gotten a recommendation to try out the sushi at Umi. Getting there was a bit difficult, challenging us with very steep roads nearby. The place is very small, and the servers very friendly. I had a sashimi platter (3 pieces each of tuna, hamachi, salmon, albacore), while Jonathan had a Golden Dragon roll (california roll topped with salmon, lemon, and ponzu sauce) and albacore nigiri. Mine also came with miso soup (which Jonathan said was among the most flavorful he's ever had) and rice. We both agreed that the sushi was all very fresh and well-cut. Everything was good, and we'd easily recommend anyone else try the place.

The party was at a club called Slide, named for the route you can take to enter. From the entrance, you either go down a flight of stairs or a slide to get to the action. This is because in the Prohibition Era, the place was a speakeasy, and a movable wall let people access the slide to the bar! Neat place, with looooots of seating. The place got pretty busy by 8pm (the party was 7-10), and we talked with a bunch of people about various things. It was an easy party to just walk up to somebody, since the theme was a play on the old joke "seven ate nine" so you were supposed to wear a corny shirt. JB wore his House, MD shirt, and I wore my Rocky Horror cast shirt. We saw a bunch of other funny shirts, so the theme worked out pretty well. We also got some nice Evernote schwag, so it was a total win-win.

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