Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Apartment

This is extremely late. As in, I said back in January that I'd post some pics of the apartment. But, I still wanted to throw some photos up there, mostly for personal memory at this point.

When you entered our apartment, we had a hall closet to the right, which we deemed half cleaning supplies and half coat closet.
Heading straight, you walk into the second bedroom, with the guest bath on the right.Back out and turning left, we head into the kitchen, passing the dining area on our right.The kitchen is small, but manageable. The only major hassle is that only one of the burners on the stove is large; the other three are small.The counter separates the kitchen from the living room. Off the living room we have a large balcony, with two chairs and a table (I managed to never take a balcony photo in six months).

From the living room we turn the corner and head into our bedroom, with large closets and a good-sized bathroom (these were being packed when I went through to take these pics, so they're a mess and not being posted).
So we had a strange variety of problems with our apartment while we were there. Some of them are typical, and others notsomuch. While I still loved our apartment, the complex, and the location within the city, it's not without its downfalls...

Broken entertainment center. The day we moved in, we noticed that the lazy-susan which the television sits on was crooked. We tried to fix it, but realized that there was a broken support beam or something. So we went down to the front desk and let them know. They immediately sent a couple of workers up, and they ended up having to bring a whole new entertainment center, since the lazy-susan was part of it. Quick and easy.

Broken DVD player. Probably two weeks after we moved in, we tried to use the DVD player. But none of the discs would load, and it sounded like whatever spins inside was broken. They never came to fix that, but it wasn't a big deal, since we can played DVDs on the xbox.

Light out in the dining room. We actually never had to report this one. Somehow, the front desk got our apartment number as one that needed a new heat lamp in the back bathroom. This wasn't the case, and when they arrived, they asked me if I had a light out. I mentioned that we did, and he replaced the dining room light, and we were set.

Spiders. Yep, this was a strange problem. One night, there was a tiny spider (not as tiny as the baby spiders that attacked me at my first year of camp, LoL) on the wall. I killed it, thought that was that. Then there was one on the bedroom television. And one on the comforter. The next night, there were six or seven on the overhead lamp in the bedroom. And three on the wall. We let maintenance know, and a guy came the next day and surveyed the bedroom. He took a broom to all of the corners and along the ceiling. He took apart the light and checked inside. This was probably a Friday or Saturday, and he said Orkin would be out Monday or Tuesday. Each night, we found another 3 or so spiders on the walls. Jonathan didn't seem concerned, but because of the Great Spider Attack of Circus Camp, I was kinda afraid it would turn into another epidemic. Orkin came and sprayed on Tuesday morning, and the fumes took almost a whole day to fade, even with the window open. But, no more spiders.

Microwave freaking out. One night I was microwaving some butter or something, and the microwave started freaking out. It made a crackling sound, and sparked a lot inside. If you've ever put a CD in the microwave, it kinda acted like that (I haven't done this, but in undergrad my friend Trea showed me, and it's creepy). Well, Jonathan came over to see what I was yelling about, and it wouldn't do it for him. The next day, I was warming up some leftover pizza, and it happened again. Again, it wouldn't do it on command for Jonathan. Weeks went by, and it didn't happen anymore. So, I forgot about it. Then, I was making macaroni and cheese (again, melting butter), and it happened again. And it wouldn't stop. I ended up mashing the butter since the microwave wouldn't cooperate. It acted up the next afternoon when I tried to warm up some chicken. So I gave up on the microwave and we went downstairs and told them. Surprisingly, they understood the problem exactly. The next morning, the main maintenance guy came and examined it. They he took out the metal plate on the top, and put a new one in. Good as new.

Slowest oven in America. Another one that never got fixed. It was always slow to heat up, and would take about 1/2 an hour to make it to 400 degrees, and then we'd always need to cook things a little longer than expected (not more than 25% longer though, so generally not a real issue, unless I was doing a lasagna or brownies).

TV going out. When we got back from Denver, the televisions in the bedroom wouldn't get channels above 40. No idea why. Luckily, I just tweeted my Comcast contact (@ComcastBonnie) and she diagnosed the problem immediately: the need for a DTA on those TVs. I went and talked to the front desk, and they came and installed one in the main bedroom within a few hours. It took him a while to get it all set-up, but by that night, all was good as new.
view of the pool & some vegetation around the complex this was the room where we had breakfast and happy hours.

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