Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Viva Las Vegas, Part 4 of 4

Saturday morning, Jonathan and I checked out and did the luggage-storage thing (I swear, I don't know why some people don't capitalize on that service!), then cabbed it all the way down to the Luxor. It's definitely one of the neater hotels we walked through... it has an Egypt theme, and the main building is a giant black pyramid! The ad on the front right now is for Transformers, but it changes.
The outside of the Luxor, complete with the SphinxJonathan with a King/Mummy outside the Luxormore of Egyptmore of Egypt

We went to the Luxor specifically to see Bodies: The Exhibition, which I've been wanting to see for a few years now, since I drove by it in Tampa several times (I drove by the building the morning I picked up my wedding gown, LoL). We waited in line for tickets for about 20 minutes, but that was only because they sell tickets to ALL the attractions at one booth... the actual exhibit wasn't that crowded. It took us close to two hours to get through the whole thing, and I was sad that there were no photographs allowed. If you haven't heard about Bodies, it's a bunch of dissected bodies that have been preserved so you can see all the things inside and how they work (they have a few bodies with the skin removed in positions where you can see which muscles are being used to run, balance, play basketball, etc). It was incredibly cool, andbrought back a lot from Biology II and III. They also had a room with embryos and fetuses of different stages, and you could see bone growth and everything. They even had a set of conjoined twins who died at birth. Everything was just so neat. And in the end, you could pick up and touch a piece of brain and a piece of intestine. COOL.

Then we walked through the Excalibur, since there were a bunch of moving walkways leading that way. It's very King Arthur, but it was something to see. Then we headed back to our hotel, said goodbye to Jim and Vivian, then went to the Venetian for lunch and to walk around. We ate at Towers Delicatessen, where Jonathan had the corned beef reuben, and I had a grilled chicken-and-ham toasted sub. Wonderful place, but they served coleslaw with the meals, and it was sweet. Jonathan said that it was one of the leanest reubens he had ever had, and I'd recommend getting extra sauce on the sandwich, but otherwise it was a great place.
The front entrance to The ExcaliburThe interior windows of The ExcaliburThe outside of New York, New York and the sign for Excaliburbeautiful waterfall heading back

The Venetian was really neat. Accordion players, gondolas, and paintings on the ceiling. Italian architecture, columns everywhere, and all sorts of neat things to see. It was the last place we got to see before we picked up our luggage and headed off to the airport.
Our flight was a half hour late taking off (the plane was running late on its previous flight), but it was smooth and quick, and we were off to pick up a new rental car. They had assigned us a 1995 Grand Marquis, but we changed out for a 2009 Chevy Impala instead. It's a whopper of a car (not as big as the older impalas tho), and pretty comfortable with leather seats, a moonroof, and dual thermostats.

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