Sunday, June 21, 2009

Viva Las Vegas, Part 2 of 4

Thursday morning we met up to hit a pool. Pools are notorious in Vegas for their "party atmosphere" and therefore many of the hotels/resorts have more than one... a general free one for guests staying at that specific location (and geared toward families) and then a specialty one. Specialty pools feature things like blackjack in the pool and DJs playing music all day. We read about a few different ones, and hit up the specialty pool at the Mirage. We got there at 11am when they opened, cover was free for ladies and $20 each for men (although it's listed as $20 for ladies and $40 for men). We grabbed one of two tables (as you can see in the pic, it's mostly daybeds and cabanas), which we held down until we left around 3:30 or 4. Service was slow in the beginning, but very prompt after we actually ordered something. The place got hopping by 1, with both the pool and the beds getting full. A few different servers came by during the hours we were there, one of whom was KC, a guy about our age with chunky highlights (we see him again later, which is why I'm distinguishing him now). Overall it was a good time, but I honestly think I could have just as good a time at regular pool. EXCEPT I'd totally pay extra to get into the specialty pool at Mandalay Bay, that one sounds just awesome.
JB and I stopped to grab a bite to eat at Carnegie Deli in the Mirage, a NY-style sandwich shop. We shared a hard salami with cheddar on white, and didn't finish it between the two of us! We also got a side of fries (to avoid the $3 plate-share charge), and they were fantastic (in case you've not noticed, I truly love quality french fries). The cheese wasn't quite enough for the amount of salami (probably 5" tall!!), but it was quite tasty. The downfall: no honey mustard, which would've been perfect. They did have a good stoneground mustard, and I used that instead.

Then Vivian and I napped while the boys hung out or planned or... something. I got up, we dressed, and JB and I took a cab down to Mandalay Bay to see The Lion King. The show (exactly the same as the Broadway one, complete with all the stage effects that the touring shows lack) just opened there May 15th, so it's not widely known just yet. Because of this, we were able to score ABSOLUTELY AMAZING seats to this theatrical masterpiece. It would have been hard to ask for better. There's no photos of the show, of course, but I did take one of the curtain before it began. After the show we walked around the Mandalay a little bit, and saw The Lion King exhibit, which was so neat. Lots of photos and models from the show.
the curtainScarthe contraption to make some gazelles movethe DashikisRafikithe lionessesbirdies!Pumbaa. so neat. ZazuFlower Pod Dancer

From there, we headed back to our hotel, then toward the group. On the way, we stopped to watch the Volcano go off at the Mirage. It was neat, but not really worth the time, in all honesty.
We also got a great shot of the New York, New York hotelThe fountains coming into the Wynn

We got to the Wynn and headed to Blush. Jim's nephew was celebrating his birthday, so he had a group of people with a lounge area so we got a great place to sit and chill as well as dance. The clubs are pretty much all open until 4 or 5am, and some later than that, which is crazy. JB and I were having a conversation about how easy it would be to work two jobs in Vegas, like days at the pool and nights at the club... and about five minutes later, KC appeared as a server at Blush! Mirage and Wynn are probably only a half mile apart, but low and behold, KC was working at both! We headed over to Tryst after a few hours at Blush, but they were still charging a $30 cover at 3am, so we bounced. Instead, we hit up a local Denny's before bed. For some reason their Grand Slam is $1 more than it should be, but everything else was pretty much standard pricing.
The ceiling in Blush
The trees you pass waiting in line for the entrance to Tryst

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