Thursday, June 4, 2009

The San Jose Greek Festival

Having been to several different Greek Festivals in the past, Jonathan and I were looking forward to trying out another in a big city (we went to the New Orleans Greek Festival in 2006, and it was fantastic).

We were able to park about four blocks away, which was much better than most, since we saw people walking for quite a while. We had just come from the airport and getting a new rental (this time a Hyundai Tucson, which neither of us would recommend, and we're glad this rental is shorter than the others), and it parallel-parked quite nicely. I had printed out free coupons for the Festival, so we weren't charged the $5 each entrance fee. When we first walked in, the place seemed huge, but it wasn't that big, surprisingly. We went to a booth and bought some tokens (poker chips that had the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church name and logo on them), since the booths are all cashless. Very good system.

We headed for the food, and while I was originally excited about getting some calamari (the very best I've ever had was at the New Orleans Greek Festival), we decided against it because of the price, and there was no feta or tartar sauce. Instead, I had the Loukaniko and Jonathan had a lamb platter. Loukaniko is a Greek sausage (spicy) that's grilled and sprinkled with lemon juice, then put in a pita with tomatoes, onions, and tzaziki sauce. It was pretty good, and I couldn't finish it. Jonathan really enjoyed the lamb as well. We got a side of Fried Potatoes (but they were little more than plain french fries with no seasoning) and a side of tzaziki (which was the best I've ever had... it had a lot of onions in it), too.

We walked around a bit after eating. First, we saw some children doing a traditional dance, but they were really young (probably seven or so) and probably quite nervous so they weren't very together. Then we read up on the Greek wines and cheeses, but ended up not trying anything. We thought about doing a tour of the church, but it didn't start for another hour, so we skipped that. There were a lot of children's activities... a couple bounce houses, face painting, arts & crafts, etc. There were a few neat booths selling stuff, too. I looked at the jewelry and the candles in particular. They had this one candle that was also a lotion... it was made of soy wax, and as the candle was lit you could dip your finger into the wax (it wasn't hot!) and use it as a moisturizer. I tried the "fruity cotton candy" scent, and I liked it quite a bit... for about half an hour. Then it got a gross smell and I couldn't wait to get home and wash my hands, LoL. Glad I didn't end up buying any!

Jonathan got some baklava to go, and we headed out. It was nice to have some Greek food, but we just came at a bad time, I think. Otherwise, we would have had lots of music and dancing to watch and stuff, and probably would have stuck around a little longer.

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