Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fast Pizza & Roundtable Pizza

So somehow I've managed to never write about the two best pizza places we've tried while we've been out here. Now that we're in our final month in Mountain View, it's high time I made sure I cover everything! (this means that I will get up apartment pics, which somehow never happened even though I wrote the post back in January, LoL)

Fast Pizza is a mom-and-pop place, located in a plaza maybe a quarter mile from our place. They take about fifteen minutes (great, we have enough time to finish what we're doing, then head down there), and are very good. We've had them several times, both pick-up and delivery. They were the first pizza we got while we were out here, and quickly won us over. We've had two or three of their sauces, and many of their toppings. Our favorite combo is pepperoni and green peppers, with a side of garlic cream sauce. It's fantastic. The only thing I wouldn't recommend: the breadsticks. too blah.

Roundtable Pizza is a much bigger place, and is a chain. We had seen many commercials for them before we actually gave them a go. Our local branch is in the same plaza as Safeway (the grocery store), so while it's close, we don't get them often... they're kinda pricey. But, they do make a very good pizza. We first tried the Meatball Marvel. It had a great crust, one of those mid-rise crusts with handrolling pinches along the edge.... yum! They put seven cheeses on it (seriously!), meatballs, tomatoes, garlic, and caramelized onions. I picked off about half of my meatballs (just not as big a fan as Roundtable is, LoL), but Jonathan liked the flavor combination quite a bit. That was the only specialty pizza we've tried from them, and I honestly don't remember what else we've tried... probably just pepperoni, LoL.

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