Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wedding Retrospective, Part VI

So this is the longest one in the series. But I just couldn't split it up for some reason, LoL. Let's start out with a few of the "wedding traditions" that we included in our wedding day!

The cutting of the cake!
our beautiful cake was red velvet with cream cheese icing. It was delicious a year later, too! Jonathan picked out the knife and cake server set, I love the font!here we go!straight through the cake!you can see some of the scroll work and the silver stars on my adorable cake!nice and neat!here ya go!

Tossing the bouquet!
look at all the single ladies in the room!
My cousin Erica caught the bouquet.

Retrieving and tossing the garter!
so many guys in the room, too!here we go!getting it over the heel was the hard part. getting ready to toss!great mid-air shot!here! here!
More dancing!
Joe started a conga line, and it didn't take long for it to wind around the room!an artsy shot of the middle of the conga linethe dance floor was COMPLETELY FULL!get low!Bryan pulls out some awesome moves when he dances!my mom and Joe danced to a few songsthe crowd just kinda pushed us into the middle! (you can also notice our costume change, which took place some time ago)

Leaving video messages and writing notes for us to open on our first anniversary!
The decorating of the car!
Aaron, Ashley, Andy, Nik, and Kristina working on the streamers and the bubble machine!the bubble machine requires a screwdriver and batteriesdecorating the windows!Andy adds some finishing touches, and you can see the mounds of silly string!streamers on the steering wheel, too.

The last dance!
Just a few couples on the dance floor for "I Hope You Dance"

The exit!
the sparklers were awesome. the excitement just never ends!here are all the balloons that were being blown up. The car was PACKED FULL of them!off we go!

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