Monday, May 4, 2009

Wedding Retrospective, Part V

The reception was absolutely fabulous. And the time just flew by! Still, it'll require more than one post in order to get the whole event in. So, let's begin!

We had a few minutes between when we arrived and when we entered, so we enjoyed some chocolate fountain appetizers in a side room.
somehow, Joe and I got into a Star Wars battle. And it never occurred to me that we might fling chocolate onto my gown. Good thing that didn't happen, LOL. I slaughtered Joe with my lightsaber.

Our crazy group of friends decided to do funny things as they entered, and in about two minutes had some plans. These are much better realized on the DVD, but here you go:
Heather & BK were HILARIOUS. Kristina and EricJoe & Kyla (she had to duck through two doorways and down a few stairs to accomplish this)Bryan & Amyhere we come!we made our way to the center of the dance floor (and the first of many kisses due to clinking glasses!)

Then there was the first dance, to "A Whole New World" from Aladdin.
I was so surprised at the bubbles! (I love this photo for the expressions on the guests' faces!)a black-and-white for the old-time lookanother of those artistic shots of the first dance. :)

We had the toasts.
Andy giving an "impromptu" toast. Apparently his planned toast "didn't feel right."Us toasting with the Best Man and Maid of HonorJoe and Bryan with some drink that nobody remembered how it tasted (or what was in it)...

We did a bridal party dance to Michael W. Smith's "Friends are Friends Forever." The "Dollar Dance" was a big hit, as was the "Anniversary Dance," which culminated in my grandparents dancing up to 49 years!!
The wedding party dancing togetherthe lines begin to form! (I'm dancing with Uncle Carl and Jonathan is dancing with Leslie, the wife of our HS youth minister)I love this photo, since the timing worked out so Jonathan danced with Dr. Trew (our Senior Year English teacher) while I danced with Mr. Gray (our Junior & Senior Year History teacher)dancing with Jonathan's Uncle Morrie during the Dollar Dancethe start of the "Anniversary Dance," with all married couples on the floor!
After about 3 minutes, Nana and PopPop were left on the dance floor! :)

A few shots of the room and tables and stuff...
a look at all of the tables in the rooma great shot of our centerpieces. normal tables had three different heights of glass cylinders, on a mirror with votives. one of the many photos that people took of us while we tried to eat dinner. :)
Jonathan's Uncle Dennis, in the middle of playing the icebreaker our DJ did.

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