Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wedding Retrospective, Part III

The day of the wedding started bright and early for us girls. We were staying at a condo in PSL (near Lyngate Park), and needed to get all the cars up to the reception site and then ride over to the salon by like 8am. We did have my favorite breakfast-in-a-hurry meal (bananas and cream cheese coffeecake), and got to the salon without a hitch.
Heather getting her nails done as Amy looks onKyla getting her hair done. Jonathan's grandmother, Peggy, brought us lunch. we had a delightful time eating (and playing)hair and mekup at the same time! totally felt like a television star. checking out my lovely curls!

When the limo arrived, we were ready to head over to the church! We had a great time enjoying the ride!
time to get into the limo!Kyla, Kristina, and HeatherAmy, Tori, and myself

The guys took their sweet time with the day. Most of them slept in, had a leisurely pancake breakfast, and smoked a pork.

BK, Eric, Joe, Bryan, JB, and Andy, ready to go! Jonathan and his dadThe limo was BIG. Big like an 18-passenger Cadillac Escalade. But it worked out perfectly for our whole group in the end!

It poured rain about an hour before the wedding. This kept the guys in the parking lot instead of getting group pictures.
look at that rain!!!Eric, Bryan, Joe, and BK Best Man Andy and JB The limo driver walking Andy up after the rain let up a bit. Jonathan headed into the church!

The girls got dressed at the church.
The girls lacing up each other's dressesI got to stand on a stool to get dressed. And then jump down. :)Heather fastened my shoes for me. I loved my earrings and necklace set.
All of the girls with our pretty flowers

The guys chilling out while they wait for the big event to start!
Jonathan getting his boutonniere put on
BK getting his boutonniere while the guys joke aroundIn the video, you can hear Andy explaining to JB that he can't chicken out, LoL.

The sanctuary before it filled up!
I love how beautiful the lighting in the church is!

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