Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our First Anniversary Recap

I had just moved (more or less) to Melbourne when we celebrated our first anniversary. We got a bunch of people together and went to eat at a hibachi place in Merritt Island. Most everyone came from in-town, but my sister did drive up from PSL for the event. Poor girl, there were brush fires near I-95, so we kept re-routing her to avoid traffic and still try to make the reservation. We came close to making it, partly because we sent two cars ahead to hold the table, hehe.
the chef is setting up!Jonathan and I enjoyed some plum wine (a favorite of ours)Kyla & SharveenBryan & DJJoe and Ebad

Then we headed back to the house for champagne and wedding cake. The guys were really happy that I was finally letting them have a large rectangle of freezer space back, since I demanded nobody touch my tupperware holding my cake (fearing they'd take it out to move things around and then forget to put it back in). I had wrapped it like 6x in several materials (found an online how-to), and thawed it in stages (same online article), and it worked really well. As in, the cake tasted nearly as good as it did the first time around!
cake time!I forgot to mention that the wedding party had personalized champagne flutes at the wedding, and we re-used many of them for the aniversary champagne. Pictured above is one of Jonathan & I's flutes.

We had planned on re-watching the wedding DVDs, but we had misplaced them with my moving in. I opened and read all of our first-year messages (we had about fifty!), some of which were extremely amusing (particularly the messages by those in attendance at the time of reading them).
Jonathan and I also took another cruise to celebrate. This time we left from Port Canaveral (about 45 minutes from the house) on a 3-day venture to Nassau. We learned alot... mainly that oceanview rooms aren't bad and that 3 days isn't long enough to enjoy the time off.
ready to sail!I learned how to make the elephant!an Indian ice sculpturedinner one nighta play on Chicago our ship, the Carnival Sensationwalking through the world-renowned Atlantis resortthere were four different sculptures we saw in Atlantistons of fishies in Atlantisthese fish all swim realllly close togetherwe went snorkeling here, but there wasn't too much to see aside from huge holes/craters
Before we re-boarded the ship we stopped for an authentic snack. We had some conch fritters and a soup, and some fabulous muffins.

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