Saturday, April 18, 2009

PCA/ACA, Part IV: Saturday

So, I originally planned the conference to take three posts. And it ended up being five. But it did allow me to do some extra processing, so it wasn't all bad. Anyway, on with the show!

There were no sessions at 8am that interested me, so I slept a little extra, then packed up and checked out about 9am. It's a good thing, too, since the Crescent City Classic was taking place that morning, and caused many road closures. I still saw some people taking part as I walked to the conference hotel, lugging my bags behind me. I checked them once more, and made my way to the session of my choice. However, the chair didn't show up, and since her paper was one of the ones that I wanted to see, I left to head to my second choice, 4054: "Television XIV: Storytelling, Religion, and Science Fiction." The first paper was on Pushing Daisies, but the presenter went over the allotted time, and hardly attempted to wrap it up. The second was on House, MD and atheism, but it wasn't that clear, and I didn't really care for the fact that nothing substantial was really said. Then there was a thing about Battlestar Galactica and atheism, which was decent. It ended with some auteur theory and I had a difficult time paying attention. I left during the Q&A, since the panel wasn't what I had hoped.

I headed toward Arnaud's Remoulade for lunch (recommended by two sources for lunch) but ran into the person I sat next to in the panel that I abandoned. Turns out that the chair did show up during the second paper, so I could have stayed. She was presenting at the next session, so wanted to eat at a nearby place for lunch (Palace Cafe), and was enjoying a pecan-crusted fish. I joined her, and ordered the Pasta St. Charles, which was shrimp and andouille sausage with penne, Creole-mustard cream sauce, with a crawfish and cheeses on top. It was a little heavy, but since I was flying later I decided to go ahead with it. It was fantastic, and I couldn't finish it.

For my final session, I chose 4076: "Fat Studies IV: Tight Fit: The Mental and Physical Experiences of Being Fat." It was the most well-attended panel I went to, and there were over 25 people in the audience (intriguingly, only 2 were men). The first paper was by a geographer who looks at where plus-size retail stores are, and where plus-size sections are located within large department stores. Fantastically interesting, but if I started I'd go on and on. The second paper was a project talking with larger university students (at two different schools) and their experiences in the classroom, the residence hall, and athletic centers. Interesting findings. Finally, there was a woman from Finland (whom I met just before the reception on Thursday night) who presented on fatness as a liminal experience. Lots of Foucault. She took narratives from women aged 31-65, about their lives and experiences as fat women. All three of these papers were great, and there were a lot of interesting questions as well. I was a little disappointed when I overheard one of the panelists later, mentioning that she thought there were too many questions. But, maybe I'm jealous since I didn't get any, LoL.

I picked up a few calls for papers and bought a few papers from the paper table, then called it a day and got my bags, waiting for the shuttle. The trip home wasn't too exciting, but I made it, and slept well before a day full of Easter festivities.

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