Sunday, April 12, 2009

Napa Valley, Part III

I'm lumping the food from Napa into one post. We went two different places, one spur-of-the-moment, and one from Frommer's. :)

We had an afternoon snack at Taylor's Refresher. The place had a really local feel to it, and although it was early for a Friday dinner, the place was rather packed with families (at backyard picnic tables on lush grass). Families all in polos or nicer, which was amusing. We shared a cheeseburger (toasted egg bun!), garlic-butter fries, and spicy tomato soup. Well, the burger was good. Tasty. Fresh. The fries were decent, had a good flavor and texture. The soup failed a little bit... it was very thick, almost like a spaghetti sauce. The spice was there, but not too apparent. We ended up taking it home and eating it the next day as a snack, with matza (which I've been snacking on a lot lately, since it's "season" for it, LoL) and crackers.

Taylor's was across the street from an interesting building with moss or something on it.

A bit later, we headed into downtown Napa for tapas. Intriguingly, Zuzu was set-up like a Spanish place, had Spanish decorations and Spanish words, but the food was Mediterranean. And overpriced. And not that great. We got three dishes and called it a day. Jonathan ordered an olive plate (which had like six types of olives), and I ordered an onion soup with goat cheese. We shared queso frito, which is pan-fried manchego cheese with poblano chiles (which was the horribly overpriced item when you only get two pieces). We also shared a glass of a dessert wine, which was even too sweet for me, so it was disappointing. Our overall impression was that we should have just had full meals at Taylor's, since it was delicious.

Zuzu was across the street from a park in downtown Napa, so I took a few pictures before we left for home.

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