Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Snow Sports at Sierra-at-Tahoe, Part II

I left off by talking about our clumsiness on the mountain. After our fourth run, we broke for lunch. There were like seven places to eat at this resort, but we chose the Sierra Pub, since there were two chairs open together, LoL. I had a chicken-bbq-pesto panini, and Jonathan had a smoked beef sandwich. Both were great, as were the homemade chips that came with them. After our lunch, we realized we were too pooped to head back to the mountain. Instead, we headed to the car for a nap. Some of my leg muscles were done for the day, and my right foot hurt from the boot.

As I drifted to sleep, I thought about the mountain, and wanted to go ahead and share some of the facts with you, in case anyone is considering a Tahoe trip. The first run we did was Sugar n' Spice, which is 2.5 miles and the longest trail at the resort. There's 6 snowparks, a halfpipe, and a 17' SuperPipe for the adventurous. Out of the 46 slopes/trails, 1/4 of the trails are "easy," 1/2 are "intermediate" and 1/4 are "difficult." Here's the trail map. The temperature was in the high 30s, and there was no precipitation that day. They'd had 414" of snow this season, and the base depth was over 6 feet.

I got up an hour later and headed back into the resort, this time in sneakers. I took a bunch of pictures of the snowpark and the tubers, plus a children's area and the bottom of some of the trails. Kathy had met up with some of her friends and snowboarded with them until the lifts closed at 4pm. We loaded the car and headed out, this time in some heavy traffic, as there's only one road down the mountain.

We stopped in Berkeley for dinner, at Pyramid Alehouse. We had met up with Kathy's friends, and I was really impressed with how quickly the restaurant was able to accommodate and serve eleven people on a Saturday night (especially when it's only a few miles from UC-Berkeley). It was a neat place, and like most breweries, there was a tour that you can take in the daytime (complete with free samples, apparently). I tried a "beertail" called "one bad apple" which was a pear cider wit a splash of black cherry soda. It was okay... I don't think I would get it again. Jonathan tried the Oregon Honey Beer, which tasted like every other beer, except it had a sweet aftertaste. The rest of the table had a variety of things, including the three major brews that the place makes.

What was even more amusing was the number of "duplicate" orders at the table. Two people got cilantro chicken. Two people got honey salmon. Two people shared a pizza and both had salads. Two people got meatloaf. Jonathan and I were going to both get burgers, but he found a Reuben and changed his order. Crazy. Jonathan thought the Reuben was a bit salty. My burger was pretty good, although it was a medium instead of the medium-well I requested. And the mashed potatoes were about the most plain I had ever had. We also had a "pizza twist" appetizer, which was fabulous. Hefeweizen crust stuffed with garlic, parmesan, and mozzarella, with a little ranch flavoring. Served with ranch and marinara sauces. Oddly, nobody else wanted to try them, so we even got to take some home!

Reports of the other meals... the cilantro chicken was very moist and delicious. The pizza was really bad, they couldn't give it away. The meatloafs were very good. The salads were huge.

We got home a little after midnight, and were fast asleep shortly after 12:30. With the time change for Daylight Savings, we slept straight until 11am. I woke up incredibly stiff and sore, and Jonathan's knee and neck were stiff. Luckily, we went for a dip in the hot tub, and that made us feel a lot better.
If you want to see more photos of this trip (along with the bike trip and Alum Rock trip), try here.

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