Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Florida Weekend, Part II

So the time difference was throwing us off a bit, and we woke up fairly late on Saturday. We did a few things and then it was down to Fort Pierce to have lunch with his family. We had some delicious sandwiches (I really miss sandwiches more often in Cali). We saw the new gate opener, talked about his parents visiting this summer, and his uncle and aunt visiting later this spring.

We headed back up to Melbourne, and gathered the group for dinner and a movie. Joe, Andy, Bryan, Tori, BK, DJ, and Swu all met up at Chili's in Palm Bay about 7:15. We had a ridiculously difficult time getting a table, and in the end they only gave us back-to-back booths. At one point Tori and I drove down the road to see how busy Applebee's was, but as soon as they were putting together some high-tops for us, the guys called and told us they just got seated, so back over we went. In a surprise move, Tori and I ordered the same entree (which doesn't usually happen unless we're at McAlister's and splitting our fave dishes), the new mini-chicken sandwiches. They were pretty good, even with the ancho-chile ranch sauce they came with.

Since it took so long to get a table, we missed seeing Knowing at Oaks and had to drive to Cinemaworld. No biggie, and we were able to get a bunch of seats together as well. The movie was WEIRD. The previews did a good job of explaining how the first half of the film would go. The second half, however, was messed up. (Spoiler Alert) Aliens were going to destroy the Earth, and it was never made clear whether or not they had caused the other disasters mentioned in the film. Only the little boy and little girl survive. It was very scientological. After that, we headed back to the house and played Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture II (except BK and Swu, they headed out early).

All things considered, the fact that traveling took so incredibly long made the trip not really worth it. But, as a head's up to those I didn't see on this trip, I'll be back in Florida for Easter, and the three weeks following it. More on that later. ;)

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