Thursday, March 5, 2009

The End of Month 2

So, with the end of February, we needed to return Escape #2 (which was awesome). We got a Jeep Patriot this time, but it didn't last long. We left the rental place (at the San Jose Airport), went to get our free subs at Quizno's (it was the last day of the Million Subs Giveaway), and then drove straight back to return it. It was pretty useless, and was a definite hazard. Jonathan could hardly see to drive it, it had so many blind spots and was awkward all around. I didn't even feel safe riding in it. So, they exchanged it for a Hyundai Santa Fe, another SUV.
We went out and sat in it before we took it, just to make sure it was drivable for another month. It passed the test, and we headed down to San Jose to go to Alum Rock Park for some hiking.

It's named for the Alum powder in the mountains (think Aluminum), and it makes some of the flowing water white.We took a basic path at first, admiring the rock structures, but the path dead-ended at the creek, so we retreated and headed for the bigger trails.We took the South Rim and Switchback Trails if you look at this map, and Jonathan took the GPS along and mapped our route with that.The views were great. You can see the trees, the city of San Jose, and the parking lot.This is a photo of the mountains on the North side of the park, we'll have to hike there another day!My favorite parts of mountains are the culverts that make the trees grow toward each other because of the angles. They're just so neat.
It was a great park, and there are a bunch more trails. It's safe to say we'll be back.

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