Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Trip & Arrival

So there's kind of a lot of things to talk about, so we're going to break it down into different sections. Here we go for the first round.

We left the house in Melbourne at 5:15am, and arrived at the Orlando airport just before 6:30. DJ lit up the second we exited 528, so in our sleepy states we knew we were there. Check-in was a little slow, but security is really what slowed us down. By the time we got through and grabbed a quick bite, we only sat about 20 minutes before our plane began boarding.

The flight was just over four hours to Denver, but we are definitely not fans of Frontier. The seats are not that comfortable, no complimentary snacks were offered, the beverage cart only came through once, and there was not a single in-flight video or game option that was free. Once in Denver, we stopped for a casual lunch (great italiano panini at Jimmy's if you're in that airport sometime). The plane to San Jose was booked solid, and we were hard-pressed to find space for our carry-ons in the overhead bins. Before we knew it, we were in San Jose, and were greeted by rain.

Picking up the rental car was extremely easy, as Lockheed had submitted all the paperwork already, and we were heading out in our pewter 2009 Ford Escape in less than ten minutes. It took a few tries to exit the airport (the signage isn't that great), but we were headed to Mountain View and at the apartment before long. Check-in was pretty easy, since none of the rental forms had to be done, just the incidentals and cable and stuff like that. We re-parked in front of our building and headed up to the third floor. Our building is in a very convenient location within the complex... there's a laundry room on the first floor, the lodge is next to us, there's a dumpster behind our mailbox, and the pool/jacuzzi/tennis courts/bbq are nearby as well. I've included a floorplan, pics of the apartment to come with its description later. I will mention a few more amenities to our complex... there's a free continental breakfast 6 days/week, a free wine/beer happy hour on Thursdays, an on-site dry cleaner, three tennis courts and a pro shop, a basketball court, a massage therapist, and a fitness center. We would both prefer a little more in a gym, so we will be looking around to see what prices are (Lockheed did pay part of our membership in FL, so they might here as well).

We unpacked our carry-ons and rearranged some furniture before heading into downtown (about four blocks away). We walked Castro Street, and passed at least thirty restaurants before reaching the end of the area. We decided on uWink, a "social entertainment restaurant." It sure was different, allowing us to order from the screens in front of us, without a waitress needing to come by. There were some great drink specials, and we tried to Appetizer Sampler (don't get the onion strings). I had the garlic chicken pasta (decent), and Jonathan tried the macaroni and cheese (plentiful!). What made the restaurant a good time were the giant projection screens showing the games and hit television shows, and the fact that there were more games on the machines than we could play in the (nearly) two hours we were there. Cool place, would recommend (and will probably take a few friends there when they come to visit...).

We were tired and passed out at 9:30 (although that is after midnight Eastern time).

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