Friday, January 16, 2009

How's the Weather?

While we've been out here, a few people back in Florida have asked us how the weather is, particularly because we are adjacent to a city called 'Sunnyvale.' So, I figured I'd give a small update on the weather.

It still has only rained the first day we arrived, so Sunny would definitely be an appropriate term to describe the general weather. We should have a little rain the middle of next week, but we'll see. As for temperatures, The high has reached 70 a couple days this week, and will continue through the weekend. The low is still in the 40s, but it no longer seems to be as sharp as it was our first week here. I guess I should have expected it to be sunny all the time, but it still surprises me when I go outside.

Additionally, I found it an appropriate topic because I received an email yesterday morning from FSU, warning students and faculty of the low temperatures and which buildings may not be able to heat adequately. So I popped on over to to find out what was going on in good ol' Tallahassee. Apparently today's high there is only 49 (low 16), and the low won't even reach the 40s for another week. Yep, makes sense, it is January, after all.

In my first January in Tallahassee (2003), there were 18 days where the low was below freezing, and on the day before my birthday the low was just 18 degrees (43 was the high). There were flurries two or three times, but it was a very dry month (about 5 inches below normal for the month), otherwise we could have had some real snow (we did have a few hard freezes).

How's the weather where you are? Those in Tallahassee, how's the FAB doing with the heating??

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