Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Hour at Faultline Brewing Company

Two weeks after we moved to California, the ELDPs (the program that Jonathan is in which allowed us to move out here) had a get-together at Faultline Brewing Company. Ten people came - 6 ELDPs and 4 significant others. It was nice to meet some new people, and try a new place. I had pear cider, which was delicious. It's kind of exactly what you'd expect, but a bit crisper in taste. Jonathan tried Indian Pale Ale, which tasted like any other beer to me. We had the pork-and-shrimp potstickers with chili-mint rice as an appetizer, and it was quite good. If you like a crisp potsticker, you might be a little disappointed, but the insides are very flavorful. As an entree, we both ordered the Smoked Chicken Penne, but I ordered it without mushrooms. I found it to be overly-smoky, and the garlic in the brie sauce was undetectable. Jonathan found it just right, and devoured the sauce. We combined leftovers and I had them for dinner the next night (while Jonathan had our leftovers from La Costena).

The group of people was an interesting mix, only a few who were born-and-raised in California. Others came from Colorado, New Jersey, and Texas. The non-Lockheed people worked in IT somewhere and at Paypal, so everyone was interested to hear about my experience working for Google. Topics of conversation spanned the gamut, and afterwards most of us went to watch a movie at one of their homes.

Since this all took place in Sunnyvale, we were able to see a little more of the area which we had not driven by yet. I anxiously wait to eat at P.F. Chang's, as I've never been and there's one not far away. We also found the local Toys R Us and a few other stores that we hadn't realized that we had yet to see.

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